Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where She Belongs

This book got on my ever lasting nerves, the main character Jess is coming back to her hometown to help her mother with the death of her step father. She hasn't seen her mother in four years since a huge argument with her step father. Her best friend Molly is supposed to pick her up at the airport but instead Adam does, he was her crush when she was thirteen and he was seventeen. She started having these feelings about him again already until he seems to have an attitude about her missing Pete's funeral and only just now arriving for her mother. She finally gets to her moms house and her friend meets her talking about how her mother's character is so out of whack and nothing like they are used to and how hard she is taking Pete's death. No shit!!! If you just lost your husband would't you be out of whack? They are so surprised by this it bothers me and makes me think that her mother was a non feeling cow. Then we learn of how her dad and her boyfriend had died when she was eighteen and she seems to be stuck on that even though its nine years later. I can understand how the loss of a loved one can cause us to be hesitant on relationships but she really should have seen a therapist because she acts like it just happened. Then she gets involved with Adam and its a constant I can't do this, yes I can, no I cant and it annoyed me. Finally we come to her leaving to go back to her old job in the city and again it's a I can't do this until she gets home and her best friend mails her a picture and all of  a sudden its all too much for her and she misses him. She drops everything, gives up her home, her job and moves back to her hometown to run a business with her best friend and also to get with Adam again. I am sorry but this book was a little unbelievable for me simply for the way these people act everyday. I would only rate this a two out of five stars. 

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