Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

Description: Pandora Ann Phillips' life is just normal-crazy. Her mom's a psychic,her dad's mom is a snob, her mom's parental units are "too down to earth" and her best friends are newlyweds. Okay, so her best friends being newlyweds isn't really abnormal, but living with them in a cramped two bedroom apartment definitely is. Sex, sex, sex is totally on their minds. Actually its not only on their minds, but it's on the kitchen table, couch, on top of the washer... Well, you get the picture.
 Being celibate ( not by choice, mind you) full-time college student, and an almost full time barista, Pandora can't afford to lose any more sleep. So, she seeks out new place to lay her head. Enter three "drool worthy" male models that are looking for a fourth roommate and they want her... and won't take no for an answer. Hilarity ensues as Pandora's life turns completely upside down, and she begins to wonder if it will ever be the same again! 

Publication Date: January 4, 2014 

Review: I have to say I read this sample a while back, and it took me awhile to decide to buy it. It sounded cute and of course it the hot guys in it didn't hurt, but I just wasn't 100 percent that I wanted it. After finally buying it I can honestly say I wish I hadn't waited so long! This was one of the cutest books I have read in a while, it made laugh like crazy half of the time. I love the characters and their different personalities. I was unable to guess who it was that liked Pandora through pretty much the whole book. it wasn't until the end that I was positive as to who it was and that's when everything came out. 
I was a little disappointed that wasn't one of the others, but I was also very excited because I knew Pandora was going to have fun. something I didn't really like about the book, was towards the end and even though I understand where she's coming from and the reasons that she's upset in the beginning she really didn't have anything to be upset about. She had to know what she was getting into I mean look at their lifestyles. When they finally do get things situated it was awesome and I love the way that they ended it. I would love to see another book about the two characters that come out in the end as a new couple. I'm not going to tell you who it is cause I don't want to ruin it. Overall I would rate this book in it four stars.

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