Monday, February 10, 2014

Banded Together (Rebel Walking #2.5) by Hilary Storm

Description: You've asked fo them, some have even begged for more of the Walker twins. 'Banded Together' is a continuation of the Rebel Walking Series that will give you insight on Talon and Eaven's wedding as well as the rest of the characters in the series. Taron and Ivy are not left out of this one and you'll quickly see the banter between them remains.

***The previous books in the Rebel Walking Series should be read before this one for the best experience and optimal character development.***

Publication Date: January 28,2014

Review: ***Sigh*** I so love me some Walker twins, Taron and Talon are so freaking sexy and lovable. When I read the first book in this series I fell hard for Talon and I love him and Eaven together. The things they went through were crazy and I loved reading every bit of it. When I read about Taron and Ivy...well I love Taron, who doesn't love the bad boy.....there always is one in a set of twins lol...but Ivy....I just don't click well with that girl. I'm not sure why, but I guess it has something to do with her always doubting and always thinking everything is like her past. Get over it what I have screamed at her in my head so many times lol. I understand the pain and the things she has gone through and I do so love these books...I just didn't think I would ever care too much for her . Moving on!!! 

This is book number 2.5 and I loved it!!!! It has more of the couple I love and more of the bad boy you want to love for yourself!!! The things those boys do for the gals they love is so really just makes you want everything they promise. The whole book is full of sexy scenes that not only leave you with goosebumps but they leave you with a smile at the loving couple. In case you haven't read the first two books first of all I have to ask..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Then I have to skip ahead in the book because I don't want to ruin a very special and caring moment in the book. I have to say after this book I still am not an Ivy fan, but she is growing on me...very slowly...very....slowly. We do however get to see Eaven's cousin Luke again...can we say YUMMY??? Plus he is looking better than ever! All these hot guys get me sweaty thinking about them haha. You need to get this book and you need to do it soon!!! Overall I rated this book in at four stars!!!!

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