Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cheater: Guilty by Jamie Fuchs


Description: Tiffany is your average woman: she needs to feel not just loved, but desired. Sex with her husband is good, but it’s starting to lose its luster. What she really needs is something she can never get from him; something a bit more... wrong. When his best friend Ed ends up staying at their house, she realizes that he might have just the thing to satisfy her.

Publication Date: Within the next few days!!!

Review: Wow!! I mean geez what can I say about this new story by Jamie? The description just gives you a light view into what to expect of what's coming. Yes Tiffany is an average woman, but from the very beginning of the story she grabs your attention. Makes you question what she could do next. I personally wanted more of her hubby, he seemed pretty sexy to me. Now Ed on the other hand is pretty much hottie, I gotta give that to him. I love the way the moments leading up to the big moment are described. When that big moment does come, I was bit surprised but it as still the dirty, exciting sex we expect from Jamie and even though I myself would never cheat on my spouse, I don't mind reading about it lol. Great job again Jamie!!

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