Friday, January 10, 2014

The Fireside Inn ( The Billionaire Bachelors #1)

Publication Date: January 7, 2014

Description: They're gorgeous, they're rich, they're single, and they're determined to stay that way for life...until they take a trip to Sanctuary Island. Don't miss this unforgettable new novella trilogy about three billionaire bachelors who are about to discover that sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned in order to embrace the life of your dreams.
In the first novella, The Fireside Inn, Lord Leo Stratham seems to have it all. But when he meets Sanctuary Island's quirky young librarian, he's intrigued. Serena is unlike anyone he's ever met before, and he's determined to get to know her a whole lot better. Yet despite the simmering attraction between them, she isn't interested in putting up with a pampered playboy...unless he can convince her to take a chance on him.
Review: The book starts out with us meeting all our sexy bachelors and also meeting Miles who is their friend. He has summoned them to a posh clubhouse to tell them he is to be married and he wants them to be in his wedding. They are all shocked but Leo is even more shocked when he is asked to read a poem at the wedding! Then to make mattes worse, Miles makes a bet. He bets they will find love at the island and whoever holds out the longest wins his helicopter and landing pad privileges at the club. They all agree laughing because they think the bet is way to easy to win. Boy are they gonna be in for a surprise lol. When Lord Leo meets the sexy librarian he is not about to tell her the reason he wants her help in finding a poem to read at the wedding, hell he doesn't tell anyone about his disability. He has dyslexia and cannot read. During their search for the perfect poem Leo begins to have feelings for Serena but he is scared. When he reveals his problem, she loses it and leaves him and I got so mad at her during this time. Even though she feel she has been used again, she should be ashamed of herself for leaving immediately after he revealed such a hard thing. From here on the book is just as good but I don't want to ruin it for you. It is a must read and I am happy to say I loved it!! I'm rating it in at Four Stars!!!!

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