Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Released-To Make My Own Dirty Little Secrets by Jamie Fuchs

Description: Because of popular demand, this is part four of "Kept, Taken, and Controlled."
After Casey's lifelong dream fades from reality, she decides to steer her life in a new direction. Following some sexy goodbyes, she heads to France in search of a fresh beginning.Too bad she can't seem to find anything other than irresistibly dominant French men...
Publication Date: January 27, 2014

Review: I can already see where a fifth book will come in to play and I'm already anxiously awaiting it already! Although Released has us unsure of how much time has passed since our last encounter with the naughty Mr. Davis, it quickly makes up for that with some true insight into our characters life instead of just the wonderfully erotic sex scenes we have become used to. Although I was a bit disappointed that Sarah didn't have more of a part in this book, I was extremely happy that Daniels played a quick,dirty yet confusing part. 

We find out that our main character is going to head off to France for a job. She got the idea from a friend of her parents and I have to say it would be rather exciting to do this, just up and leave everything and head to a foreign country. Before she departs she gets a message from our delicious Daniels wishing to see her before she leaves. If you have read any of the previous books you know what happens, but the way he treats her left me going..HUMMMMM....What's up with that..then I filed it away for future reflection. After this stimulating goodbye to Daniels, she decides she needs to see the naughty Mr. Davis again. I have to say ....I LOVED THIS SCENE!!! Not telling ANYTHING that happens because you HAVE TO BUY IT!!! After a confusing goodbye to Sarah, our character arrives in France and meets Leon, then in her class she meets Adam.. You are going to want to read what happens from there lol.