Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Forget Me Not by Erika Marks



When aspiring-writer Mallory Reynolds packed up for New York City, she ditched more than her quiet hometown of Magnolia Bay—she left her high-school sweetheart, Josh Loveless, behind. But when the big city didn’t deliver big contracts on her novels, she turned to writing erotica under the pen name Farrah Ivory to spare her family any embarrassment. Soon, her scandalously-sexy series, The Lost Diaries of Scarlet, is a break-out hit. Just as Mallory begins to enjoy her sweet success, her publisher leaks her true identity and a media firestorm ensues. Exposed, she decides there’s nowhere to hide—except for home.

For Josh Loveless, getting over Mallory Reynolds hasn’t been easy, but he’s done his best to move on. For starters, he’s turned his love of the outdoors and rock-climbing into his own business. And just as things are starting to settle for him, he learns Mallory’s coming home to ride out her scandal, and suddenly his world is turned upside down again…

Can Mallory convince her friends and family that she’s still the same good-hearted girl they knew? And more importantly, can Josh trust the woman she’s become, and give her a second chance to rewrite their love story with a happy ending? 

My Review

***I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions. I have received no compensation and all opinions are my own.***

 I really enjoyed this book and loved the second chances that some people are lucky enough to recieve. I really felt pride for Josh that he wanted to do things himself and not take his dads money to help himself out. It's so simple to just take the easy way out most times. While I do understand why they didn't have contact for so long, I was confused as to why things had to go down the way it did anyway. I feel like things were overreacted about and they were just being childish. While I am glad they had time to grow up, I still wish it had gone a bit differently. 

Josh and poor Mallory  break up just when they each think they are getting things on the right track. Later on they come back together during what Mallory and the town think of as a scandal....Her pen name has been found out. Now while some people think that it has something to do with the reopening of Josh's store, they know the truth and he is seriously upset when at the opening something goes down that makes it seem like Mallory was just trying to promote herself. On another note, I feel horrible for poor Chuck, what he is going through is just terrible and I wanted to give him a huge hug.  I love how everything worked out for the best and I am rating this on in at three stars. Overall a pretty good book. 

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