Sunday, May 10, 2015

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“Gwen Forrester?” Peter asked. At her nod, he stepped aside.
Her startled gaze shifted to Haley and softened with love. Her face lit up with delight when she spied the big belly. “Oh!”
The two rushed toward each other, embracing, laughing, crying, talking so low he could make out only a few words—“your mother?” and “boy we met at Christmas” and “when?”
“October, really?” Gwen stepped back. “Just two more months?” She caressed Haley’s face. “Have you had anything to eat today?”
“I’m starved.” Haley grinned.
“Ma’am?” Peter got no response. He might as well be invisible. “Ms. Forrester?” he said louder.
Gwen turned with a look of pure joy, cheeks flushed, eyes wide. She was a chic, older, ash-blond version of Haley. Even more beautiful.
“Yes, Officer?”
Her dreamy gaze made him wonder if she was flirting with him. Get real, Shaughnessy. “If you won’t be pressing charges, my partner and I will clear out of here, Ms. Forrester.”
She held out her hand, tilted her head coquettishly, and told him, “It’s Gwen. And you are?”
“Officer Peter Shaughnessy.” Her handshake was firm and surprisingly strong for such a slender, feminine woman. He cleared his throat. “You’ll need to get those locks fixed right away, ma’am.”
“Gwen,” she reminded him with a flutter of thick, dark eyelashes.
“Gwen, my partner and I recommend that you put your vehicle in the garage tonight, close and lock the overhead door, deadbolt the kitchen door, and set the alarm. Call a locksmith first thing in the morning.”
Her only response was, “Haley and I will be having breakfast around nine. We’d love to have you join us, Officer.”
He opened his mouth to repeat the caution, but closed it again. His partner had told him Tompkins Falls operated more like a small town than a city. This definitely wasn’t going by the Syracuse Police Department procedure book that he still had in his head.
Haley touched his arm and winked. “Come for breakfast, Officer. I need protection from the Inquisition. And Gwen makes a mean omelet.”

My Review

It must be said that I have never read any other book in this series, however, I am interested in finding out how certain people came together. I also want to say that I have had experience with an alcoholic and not only was it exasperating it was a challenge every day. I know it is a disease but the one I dealt with acted like a child most of the time and never took responsibility for anything she did. Now on to this book. I completely respect Gwen and the others for sticking with the program and staying sober. But the way Peter treated them was completely unacceptable. I know drunken behavior is ridiculous but he is a policeman. He had to know at times he was going to deal with drunks. The attitude he has about them is..well honestly...disgusting. The way he ordered his sister to just not be an alcoholic is just silly and what mae it even more reremarkable is he actually believed that would work. My opinions of this book are as follows :
The way the author pisses me off half the time was amazing lol. I really, really wanted to smack the shit out of Peter and also yell at Gwen for her own lapse of judgement. Half the time I wasn't sure if I likes it or if I hated it it, but I've concluded that I did enjoy it because it was so real. So overall I am rating this in at four hearts.

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  1. OMG, Jen! You had me in suspense until the very end! I agree-- for two "mature", "intelligent" people, Gwen and Peter had serious blind spots that handicapped them in their lives and, very definitely, in their relationship. Without a big turnaround from both of them, their love didn't stand a chance.

    Thanks for the four hearts! :-) -katie o'boyle