Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing By The Rules

Even though this book was fast paced and way too short I absolutely loved it!!! Kate does have a tendency to get on my nerves a tiny bit but that can only be expected when we find out she has a plan and if life doesn't go by the plan she feels like it's all her fault and the end of everything. That is a teeny bit dramatic and that is only complaint I have with the story. The characters are amazing and very lifelike. I love Josh, who is Kate's best friends brother. She knew him years ago and had a crush on him and now when she is in town for her school reunion and alone since her boyfriend dumped her for another friend she finally gets her chance. However, she almost ruins everything with her plan mentality and I was so happy with the way it ended because if it had ended any other way I would have had to jump in that book and beat the tar out of her lol. Love the book, love the way the author draws you into the story, would love to read more by this author. Overall I am rating this cute little story with four stars. 

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