Monday, October 7, 2013

The Virgin: Revenge

"I was seventeen when I met Drake Gallagher. Seventeen, naive, foolish…and in love. Or so I thought. That summer, and the months that followed, set the course of my life.
Ten years later, I’m still struggling to put the pieces of me back to together.
It’s time to stop struggling. It’s time to take control…and maybe, it’s time for a little revenge.
He doesn’t have time for naive little virgins?
Well, I’m not naive anymore."

When  I read this description I just knew I had to read this book. I just knew I was going to love the main character without a doubt and couldn't wait to be approved to read it. When I was approved I began reading so fast it was like I was inhaling it. Even though I did like the book, I wondered about the main character I was convinced I was going to love, there is something totally wrong with this girl. Ok so as a teen she falls for Drake and yea, he is a little rude and all that when he says what he says about virgins, but come on ten years later she is STILL upset about this incident? When I read the description I was under the impression he had hurt her by taking her virginity then dumping her by saying what he said, but no that wasn't the case.  I think girl needs to move on with her life. She goes out of her way to get a job at his company for the sole purpose of revenge...I mean really, get a life.  There were some plus sides to the book, the story does keep you entertained and you do want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen. The problem I had was I just didn't connect with the book nor did I care for the way the characters acted in the book. Overall I would rate this book two and a half stars if I could do halves. 

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