Monday, October 28, 2013

The Deadly Series Boxed Set

From the very beginning I was in love with this series, it held me riveted in spot unable to move for fear of missing something important. When I read a really good book it's like I'm watching a movie, I can see the characters, the places and everything that befalls them if it's written well. This series was fabulous, it was like I was at a marathon movie premiere. I couldn't get enough, each book had it's own villain and the hero was always dangerously sexy. There were a couple of times in one of the books that I just got so mad that I didn't want to finish that book , but I forced myself to and in the end it worked out. It is because of that book that I give this series a four star review, I feel that the author did an incredible job and i cannot wait to read more by her.

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