Friday, October 11, 2013

Cover Me

 I have to begin this review with a big HELL YEA!!!! I loved this book!!! From the first couple of pages to the very last of the book I was enthralled with the characters and the story.  Allie is a former model, she was a big deal and everyone knew her name. She quit the business two years ago with her boyfriends encouragement, and is now regretting it. Not only did her boyfriend dump her, but he spent almost all her money and just left her high and dry for another model. Trying to get back into the business isn't easy as she is told by everyone. Because she was such a big name they are willing to give her a chance though but they tell her it's going to be hard work. They set her up with a private trainer to be with her all day long to make sure she exercises and is eating right to lose the extra weight she has gained in two years. His name is Ray and boy is he a hottie, but she doesn't have time for anything if she want's to make it again. We follow Allie through some modeling jobs that make her feel terrible and through training that just makes her sick. Ray and Allie do begin to have some feelings for each other but there is something between them that can also disrupt her career path. Things start to fall apart with a missing thong worth a ton of money that Ray is accused of stealing and it only gets better from there. I loved the detective work the author put in, it was sweet and cute at the same time as being dangerous! I have rated this book at five stars due to the excitement and wonderful storyline. I would read more books by this author in a heartbeat!!!

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