Friday, October 11, 2013

Play by Play

This was a cute, but short book. Jake Dublin is a sports writer and a blogger, he is divorced and feels he just isn't good at relationships. When he meets the beautiful Sophie on the elevator in his building one day he knows he wants to date her but isn't sure about her being interested in him so he takes it to his blog. He begins posting things about " Elevator Girl" in the hopes of getting advice on if he should ask her out and what her cryptic remarks might mean.  When he finally gets to know her somewhat he learns she isn't that into jocks, so he decides to not tell her what he does for a living and sure as hell not tell her about the blog on "Elevator Girl". Even his followers are telling him what a bad idea it is that he is posting things about her without her knowledge, but he ignores it. When he finally meets her family he is shocked and dismayed as to who her family members are and that they know about the posts on "Elevator Girl"! That is when everything falls apart and we want to read more and more to see how he is going to fix this mess. Overall I rated this book at four stars, but it was more of a three and a half for me. I find I'm just not that big on books with continuous blogs, emails, texts...etc. 

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