Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Slashed (Extreme Risk #3) by Tracy Wolff

23430728   Do nice guys always finish last? In the new Extreme Risk novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Wolff, a burnt-out underdog and a vulnerable tomboy defy the pressure to be perfect and go after what they really want.

Bighearted and easygoing, Luc Jennings is falling behind in a family of serious overachievers. While he may be decent enough at snowboarding to turn pro and rack up some sponsors, he’s never topped any podiums—unlike his friends Z, Ash, and Cam. Luc’s always been head over heels for Cam Bradley, but she’s never seen him as anything more than a friend. Now, after years of coming in second, Luc can’t take it anymore—especially if it means watching Cam chase another guy.

Cam hangs out almost exclusively with dudes, and that’s fine by her. She’d much rather be shredding at the Olympics than primping in the mirror. Cam’s wildest dreams have a way of coming true—except when it comes to getting her longtime crush and best friend, Z Michaels, to notice her. Then her mother suddenly shows up after being gone for, like, ever, and Cam’s whole world comes crashing down. Desperate for a place to lay low, she turns to the one person who’s always had her back.

My Review

***I received this ARC from NetGalley and the Author in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own.***

I love friends to lovers books. There is always the love and frustration in the beginning and the secrecy to keep things from everyone else. This is the first book in this series I have read so I was a bit lost as to who everyone was and what they were talking about at times, however, with that being said....I really enjoyed the book. It wasn't everything I thought it would be...it actually made me mad more than once. I'm  not a 100% that the description does this book justice. 

 Cam is totally clueless at times and that drives me crazy, when she just goes ape-shit cray-cray over her mother being back...while I do understand to a certain extent...I feel like she could have handled it a tiny bit differently. Obviously she has issues with coming to terms with things of importance...I mean just look at how she runs away from things with Luc and leaves him hanging.  

I did at times really enjoy their chemistry and all the friends being there for everyone, but then there were times I wanted to tell them they were not helping in the way they should have been. Overall it is a good book, good story-line and there are good characters. I am rating it in at 3 Stars!!

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