Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Just a Bit Wrong (Straight Guys #4) by Alessandra Hazard

26127309  Zach Hardaway is one of the best physiotherapists in Europe.

Tristan DuVal is a young soccer star with a groin injury. 

They despise each other from the moment they meet. 

As far as Zach is concerned, Tristan is a rich, spoiled brat who is too used to getting his own way.

As far as Tristan is concerned, Zach is a bossy, presumptuous prick. 

Tristan hates Zach. He does. The problem is, he also wants to shove Zach against the nearest wall and climb him like a tree.

Warning: explicit MM content, minor D/s undertones.

My Review

***I received this ARC from the author in return for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been exchanged.***

I have loved this series by Alessandra Hazard, the characters are always complex and have inner turmoil going on that they try to hide for the outside world. Tristan is no different. On the outside he appears to be a spoiled brat that uses people to get his own way. In the last book we got a look at his brother Gabe and how they disliked each other but after reading this one I didn't dislike Tristan as much as I did in that book. 

Tristan is suffering from a severe groin injury and is having to be treated by Zach. Zach is yummy scrumptious by the way lol. When Tristan doesn't get his way by simply batting his eyes he is thrown for a loop and isn't sure why he is so attracted to such a bossy asshole. Zach on the other hand has always considered himself straight and cannot figure out why Tristan causes him to be angry and wanting to give him a badly needed spanking one minute and the next wanting to throw him down and ravish him. 

I loved reading their story and getting that inside view at how poor Tristan has that inner turmoil going on and how he really isn't as cocky as he seems. When they finally give in to their desires it was sad to watch them pretend it wasn't anything more than just scratching that itch, even when Tristan was curling up into himself and really just wanting to be loved by someone. 

When an even more serious situation presents itself I loved how Zach ran to the man he has found himself in love with. I also loved how Gabe apparently does have feelings for his brother besides disdain. Another great read by this author and again I can't wait for the next story!!! Rating this one in at Five Stars!!!

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