Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jake (Inked Brothers #1) by Hilary Storm & Jacob Wilson



Jake Wilson is a very successful tattoo artist in California. He lives his life on the go and there's not a shortage of women at his disposal at any point in time. His life is perfect for a man who has no desire to commit and the stories he could tell you would either terrify you or have you intrigued and hoping to become his next treat. What happens when he meets the first female to challenge him? 

Dani Green is a very successful club owner who has just recently relocated. Her partnership with Jax Wilson brings her face to face with Jax's twin brother Jake. His sexy charm won't work on her because she sees right through his intentions. What happens when Jake is determined to break through her sophisticated demeanor and show her his true personality? Will she fall for his wild existence or will she be the one to leave him always wanting more? 

Publication Date

February 10, 2015

My Review

When I heard that Hilary had gone into cahoots with Jake to write this well as others on the way...I was so excited I screamed for joy and my husband had to come running to make sure I was okay lol. I had been waiting forever for it to come out and since I had pre-ordered it when Midnight rolled around signaling the 10th of February I checked my kindle and low and behold it was THERE!!!! While I wanted to start reading it I had work early so had to go to bed and here it is two days later!! I finished it yesterday but had to wait till today to do my review so here goes.

If you are like me and you were able to read the first little bit of this book when Hilary and Jake did their Pre-Release party you were able to see just how exciting and sexy it was going to be lol. After reading the book I have to say I am more than excited to see what is going to happen next! I mean so far we have watched (or read if you like) Jake pleasuring two chicks in a very sexy way, he went to his brothers' club opening,  there was a bar brawl, and now somehow Dani has gotten under his skin lol....Oh man I cannot wait for this to continue....Oh..OH...OHhh and the best part is.....THERE ARE TWO HOT JAKES LOL!!! Did you forget already you silly people lmao he has a twin we get to oogle too and I hope there is a little more about him as well in the next installment!!! Overall I am rating this one in at Four Hearts and anxiously awaiting the next one!!!

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