Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Devil Wears Spurs ( Texas Kings #1) by Soraya Lane



Always in the shadow of his over-achieving brothers, youngest brother Ryder fell in love with rodeos as a teenager and soon became the most successful bull and Bronco rider in the state. The ultimate playboy, Ryder likes to party hard, and he often makes bad decisions… including gambling. He's so used to winning that he doesn't hesitate to up the stakes one night, betting more than he can handle—his third of the King Ranch.

Chloe has seen Ryder on the rodeo scene, but she's also noticed him at the bar where she works. She's trying to work to save enough to put herself through college—she completed two years before she had to bail her dad out of a bad debt—losing all her savings in the process. Her father gambled all her life, and she had it tough as a kid, but the one thing she does know how to do is play—and win—at any kind of card game. When she finds Ryder in trouble, she makes him an offer—she will win his ranch back, if he pays her college fees and promises to walk away from gambling, for good. But while she's winning back Ryder's cash, what she doesn't count on is winning his heart.

My Review

***I received this ebook from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinions.***

I requested to read this book because it sounded really interesting. Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy?? Granted Ryder is a ladies man, but throughout this book he is obviously intrigued by Chloe. Even from the very beginning he was interested in her because she told him a word he wasn't used to hearing..."No" lol. I loved it! 

Skip forward a bit and we aren't enjoying an exciting rodeo, but a card game that at first appears to be a friendly game until all shit breaks loose. Ryder thinking he has a winning hand bets of all things....his families ranch! OMG what the hell is he thinking!:???? When he looses the hand he is devastated and in denial. What will he do? Chloe works in the bar he was just in sees what happens and basically tells him he is an idiot...which I totally agree with! 

They make a deal that she will use her knowledge of poker to win back his ranch. They go on an adventure for her to get ready for the game and they are having to pretend they are together as a couple. Obviously when you take a sexy cowboy and a good looking lady you are going to get some chemistry lol. There are some really steamy scenes and at times I was fanning my face. Whoowee Ryder is a sexy man I'll tell ya lol. 

I won't tell you anything else about the book, but Ryder has some seriously HOT brothers that I personally cannot wait to read about lol. Overall this book was a cute and good read that I have rated in at four stars. I look forward to more by this author!

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