Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pure & Sinful

Pure & Sinful is a good book by Killian McRae dealing with good and evil in the never ending struggle between the two. We have a Catholic priest named Marc who has forbidden feelings for a witch and is willing to go to hell to be with her. We have a hot and sexy demigod named Dee who has lost a love and is a big playboy, then we have Riona who is a witch who has been in love with a demon named Jerry and also is falling in love with Marc the priest. Now I know that sounds crazy and you are asking yourself, how can she fall in love with a demon and a priest right? Well, I'm here to tell you that the way the author has written this out is spectacular!

I was able to relate to the feelings Riona has for both men, who hasn't either crushed or fallen hard for someone you know is bad for you and you will end up getting hurt in the end.  Riona fell for Jerry when he was in a human body and didn't know she was with one of Lucifer's top demons until he locked her in a room with someone in a kill or be killed situation. If she killed she would have been doomed for hell and to become a demon herself, if she had been killed, well the book would be over before it started. I really enjoyed learning how she became what we come to know as the Keystone, which is where Marc and Dee come into the picture as her sidekicks basically.

I really felt sorry for Marc who has hopelessly fallen for Riona and knows it can never be or it would mean something devastating for them both. They are what is known as Pure Souls, and if they are together it would be a sin and they would both be damned. Poor Marc is tempted throughout this book and finally caves in the end only to find out it was Lucifer in disguise. Marc had been doomed from the beginning if you really think about it. Riona tried to save Marc when she figured out what was going on, but arrived too late to save Marc, and is devastated when given the choice of joining Lucifer and Marc on the other side. Riona tries to make a deal with Lucifer to save Marc, but then Jerry, the demon she was in love with, comes into the room and Lucifer figures out who he is and is majorly pissed he has escaped hell to come help Riona. Lucifer then tries to kill Jerry who is in Dee's body, Riona jumps in the way and ends up with a deadly wound. Now Lucifer is trying to get Riona on her side before she dies so he can have her soul, but Marc who is doomed anyway kills himself to save Riona.

Now, this comes to the part that I disliked, after all the drama has settled down and Riona is grieving for Jerry who has been sent back to hell and for Marc who has also been sent to hell, we find out that Marc has to be replaced because there must always be a team of three. We also find out that the replacement is to be a former Keystone, then they use poor Marc's body to bring in the new teammate who just happens to be Jerry! I didn't like how the author left us with this big surprise, however it does leave me wanting to read the next installment, if there is a next installment.

All in all I would rate this book as a good read and fairly high on my to read list.

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