Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mechanical Hearts (Skeleton Key) by Nicole Blanchard


Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Caroline Abernathy has lost her mind. Perhaps it was the bump on the head she took when an afternoon sailing expedition cruised right in the middle of a violent storm or maybe the stress of grad school has finally proven to be too much. Whatever the cause, she finds herself alone in a strange underwater world and at the mercy of a ruthless pirate.

Everyone has a price, at least according to the Pirate Prince, Ezra Castle. In order to purchase the fare needed to bring her home, Caroline agrees to spend the remainder of the voyage on his ship, helping him locate the priceless artifact she cost him.

What starts as a simple journey turns deadly when their ship is attacked by a band of assassins. Stranded, wounded, and without transportation, Caroline and Ezra will have to rely on each other to make it back alive.

Life and love are on the line and time is running out. Tick Tock.

My Review

Caroline's father has apparently left her with her aunt Millie who is very resentful of her being there. The only person that seems to care about poor Caroline is her young cousin Phoebe, who Caroline loves with all her heart. After an argument with her aunt Millie Caroline goes off on her own and ends up in a storm. This is where the description for the book picks up because when Caroline wakes up she is no longer in the world that we know. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into this underwater world. I understand where the author would have gotten ideas for this and I have always been a huge fan of underwater worlds... Atlantis included. There's always something very magical about that idea. Overall I would rate this book and it four stars because there is action and adventure with a little love mixed in and most of all a happy ending. 

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