Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Billionaire's Secret (Dare Valley Meets Paris #2) by Ava Miles

26059956  After resisting Margie Lancaster for one month as part of the gamble he'd lost, Evan Michaels is now in the free and clear to romance her. And it's all the easier since Margie is taking French baking classes in Paris--where Evan lives year-round--in advance of her opening Hot Cross Buns, Dare Valley's new bakery. But there's one catch. Margie comes from money and was tragically disowned by her family, and she's not particularly fond of rich people, especially billionaire alpha playboys. So, Evan is romancing her in the City of Love with his secret hanging over his head, hoping to make her fall for him as much as he's falling for her before she discovers the truth that could destroy everything between them.

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My Review:

***I received this ARC from the author in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been given.***

This one picks up where the other left off, Margie headed to Paris. Now we all know that Evan is a billionaire and we also all know that Margie doesn't know this fact. Now while I completely understand why he never told her and that he is afraid to tell her, he has to know this is going to end badly for him right? I loved Andre and Belle and how Margie is learning from the master baker. I felt that the church scene was very moving and touched my heart. I am starting to have my doubts about how much of a real friend this Chase person is for Evan though. I am just a paranoid person though lol, I just feel like something is off there.... I could be wrong though...only time will tell. Now Paris is the most beautiful place in the world..the most romantic and where else would you want to fall in love I ask you? Evan is doing just that but he may not realize it just yet.... I hope it doesn't scare him too much. Margie herself has already fallen for him but at the end of this book, she finds out his big secret and I'm wondering what all he is going to have to do to earn back her trust. I am rating this one in at four stars as it keeps us entertained. 

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