Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just One Night (Sex, Love & Stiletto #3) by Lauren Layne


Riley McKenna knows sex—good sex, bad sex, kinky sex…Her articles in Stiletto magazine are consistently the publication’s most scandalous—and the most read. But Riley has a secret…all that sexy talk? Not an ounce of it comes from personal experience. Her own bedroom escapades are more limited than even her best friends know. When her editor requests that all columnists write something more personal for Stiletto’s anniversary issue, Riley turns to the one man she’s always been able to count on and calls in the favor of a lifetime.

Sam Compton would do anything for Riley McKenna. Anything except be her experimental sex toy. He refuses her request. At least until she tells him that it’ll either be him or she’ll go to someone else. And that, Sam can’t accept. Reluctantly he agrees to her terms—one night of completely meaningless sex in the name of research. Riley thinks she’s prepared for what awaits her in Sam’s bed. After ten years of writing about sex, actually doing it shouldn't be that different, right? So wrong. What starts as “one time only” becomes “just one more time.” And then one more. And before they know it, Riley and Sam learn first-hand that when it comes to love, there’s no such thing as just one night.

Publication Date:

April 22,2014


Having never read any of this series, I must say after reading this one I was pleasantly surprised that unlike most series, you can read these in any order without being too confused. This is the third book in the series and even though I didn't know much about the other ladies relationships I still feel that it wasn't that big of a deal to start on this one. Riley is awesome! I love her character and what she does for a living! I mean not many people can say they do what she does. The date she is on in the beginning of the book is quite amusing with the commentary she has going on within her head. The fact she is trying to just settle and not be picky is hilarious after what he ends up doing. Sam is....well...Sam. Can I get me a Sam for myself please? He is so yummy and messed up in his own way due to his obnoxious and hateful mother. When he finally realizes he can do without her it's really too late in the story. I wish he had done it way, way sooner. Plus I wish we had seen that confrontation because it would have been epic. While Sam is fighting his attraction to Riley and being broken she is broken hearted to not be loved. Awww they are so sweet and cute together if they would just get their shit together. Overall the book is a solid 4 Stars!!! I need to read the other books in this series and get caught up as well as be on the lookout for any other books by this author!

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