Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blood Stained Tranquility (The Szolite #2) by N. Isabelle Blanco


The wheels of destiny are spiraling out of control quicker than even the gods can keep up. They all thought they knew what war was like—but have no idea how bad things are about to get. In the continuation of the Szolite series, two of the most dangerous powers in the Universe will be unleashed, threatening to push two fated beings apart. 

A normal human girl. . .
Evesse Salazar never imagined that a violent end to her already difficult life would be just the beginning. After being thrown into a vortex, shredded apart, and killed, she is reborn as something more. Something she might not be able to manage. If that weren’t enough, she awakes newly mated to the last being in the Universe she ever would have chosen.
Now, with no other option, Eve must come to terms with her powers, her past, and her mate before he loses control of what might just be uncontrollable.

A god with a monster locked inside. . .
For over eleven thousand years, Zeniel, God of Tranquility, has done everything in his power to keep his other half, the God of Vengeance, from breaking free. A single glance from Mavrak is all it takes to kill those deemed guilty. The wraiths under his command can tear thousands to shreds in an instant, no matter how small their crimes. Zeniel knows he must remain at peace to keep Mavrak at bay, but he’s rendered helpless with one look into the eyes of his mate.
The longing for Evesse is enough to rip the demon out of its cage, and with the Gods on the verge of a cataclysmic war, Mavrak has every intention of gorging on both his mate, and the vengeance he so desperately needs.

Publication Date: 

March 27, 2014


Although I had never read the first book in this series, I wanted to give it a try because of how interesting it sounded. Granted at first I was so lost it was ridiculous, but after awhile I felt I knew enough to be caught up. From then on I must say it was an adventure on so many different levels.  The Gods and Goddesses are so real, it was like I could see them, however there were a LOT of characters in the book and at times it does get tiring.  Zeniel and Evesse have such a chemistry and the passion they exude for each other ....I just gotta say yummy!!! The way the author describes Zen just made me drool most of the time.. Why can't my hubby look like that I ask you lol!! Just kidding!!!  But seriously I loved this book and the way the author wrote it is just incredible. Once I got going I had a hard time putting it down and my family had a hard time getting my attention out of my Kindle lol. Totally worth it!!! I did receive this book from NetGalley and the publisher in return for my honest opinion. 

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