Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gabriel Stone and the Divinity of Valta

This book is a good read for adults as well as children. It's an amazing adventure of three friends and one surly annoying boy to a land similar to theirs but things are a bit different. Gabriel, Brent and Piper are out hiking and find something special but they aren't sure what it is. They take it to their school and ask the science teacher to tells them to make it into a science project. They head out to find out exactly what it is and along the way they find out a school mate of theirs knows about their project and he wants it for himself. There is a scuffle and they are transported to another land. As they make their way through this land they find talking animals as well as dangerous obstacles. Making friends with some talking monkeys they find their way toward a town where they are told they will find help. . There are evil beings, that are trying to take them to an evil ruler who wants to rule the entire land and will stop at nothing. They meet the kind Empress and she gives them each a special power that will help them along their way. There is so much more to this book but I do not want to ruin it for anyone! Please take time out to read this book to your kids or even let them read it to you! I would rate this book a four out of five stars.

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