Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Along Came Trouble

Along Came Trouble is the story of a single mother who is a little obsessed in my opinion with keeping things her way and nothing else will work. When we first meet Ellen she is trying to get rid of a paparazzi who just will not go away. With a little help from a good looking stranger she gets rid of him and a whole new way of life begins. She finds out Caleb, the good looking stranger, has been hired by her brother to keep her and her neighbor safe from anyone and anything.  Her brother is the famous one but when he became involved with her neighbor he drew the press  so she understands his concern but she is reluctant to let anyone tell her how to live her life. 
Caleb is a former MP and has recently given up his military career to help out at home after his fathers stroke. He deals with an ungrateful mother and then with a frustrating attractive single mother who will do nothing he wants. He realizes he is attracted to Ellen and tries to stay away from that part of their relationship to keep it simply professional but when she hits on him he realizes that isn't going to work. It becomes harder and harder for him to do his job with her constantly fighting him on the simplest things like putting up security lights. 

I really enjoyed reading this book, as well as enjoyed delving into the characters lives. I love how Caleb and Ellen are drawn together even when she is fighting to not care for him he gets under her skin. I also loved how we read about her brother and the woman he loves and the tribulations they go through to find happiness. 

One thing I really hated was the way Ellen acts like she can't have a life after having a divorce and being a single mother. I found myself yelling at her toward the end of the book but even closer to the beginning I began becoming annoyed with her. I cannot go into specifics because you need to read that yourself so I will simply say that even with the annoying woman, this is a good read and I would rate it three out of five. 


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