Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Perfect Score

This book by Beth Williamson was INCREDIBLE!!! I myself grew up on a bowling league and this book made me remember all those years of fun and all the friends I met all over the state in different tournaments. Because of those experiences I am able to relate to the characters in all three of the stories.

The first story in the novel is called One Night Stand which stars Babs as a nympho who seems to be sleeping with anyone who has balls and then kicks them to the curb after just that one night. To me it appears she is searching for something or someone as she talks about her feelings and how her latest one night stand was an idiot. Well to shorten this review, she meets a man she knew from years ago and realizes that she is still attracted to him. They play a cat and mouse game with him eventually coming out on top. He makes her realize she is loved and proposes to her. Then it goes to the next story.

The second story is called Widow's Weeds and stars Veronica who is a widow and always dresses in black from head to toe. This is a little much for me as its been awhile since her husband died and we no longer live in the dark ages. I couldn't relate too much to this story only because she finds love with another woman. It is a touching story of lost love and how you can find it again with the right person. Then on to the third and final story of the book.

The third story is called Marlene's Man and I absolutely loved this story. It brings to life how bullies can stay bullies even into adulthood and what their bullying does to the victims even years later. My only complaint is that it wasn't longer and ended a bit soon for my tastes. I love how Buck goes about wooing Marlene it is just sweet as can be. The sex scenes are pretty steamy but not disgustingly so. All works out in the end for them and I can only imagine they will end up together forever but we shall never know for sure.

All in all I would rate this book a four out of five and recommend it to all my friends as a must read.

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