Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lust Unleashed

I have to say that Lust Unleashed wasn't a very interesting read for me. It was hard to get into from the beginning. It starts with a group of people talking about joining forces to hunt for the elusive Chupacabra  and from there I just lost interest. Usually mythological creatures interest me, however the way the author went about introducing the characters just didn't sit with me well. It wasn't written badly or anything, just seemed like it was an afterthought on giving them back stories. Then the more I read the more I had to force myself to continue, I understand the main character changes into a wolf, but the way he goes about even telling the woman he ends up sleeping with just kinda goes over weird to me. I just can't say what exactly I didn't like about the book, just that I didn't care for any of it really. I would rate this book a two out of five stars, and wouldn't recommend it to my friends to read. 

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