Sunday, December 22, 2013


Let me sing my praises for this book as well as I can. The very beginning of the book held me enthralled with the characters and what they already were having to go through with the death of their parents. Marcel's quick thinking in cutting Alexa's hair to make her appear to be his twin brother instead of twin sister was heartbreaking as well as genius. Although we do come to find out that it was something that had been discussed before. When next we meet up with Marcel and Alexa, who is now known as Alex, they are the personal guards of the Royal Prince Damian. Alex is the best fighter among all the guards and she is only seventeen. When assassins make an attempt on the Prince something horrible happens and Marcel is killed. Oh my God, even though I had just gotten to know these characters I felt such sympathy for Alex and I did have some tears for awhile there. Although Alex is a warrior and soldier, she is still a young woman hiding who and what she is, so when she begins to have feeling for the Prince as well as for Rylan, another guard, she isn't sure what is going on, just that she must do everything in her power to resist. When the Prince begins to act differently toward her she suspects he knows her big secret, but he can't know that can he? Here is where all the best things begin to happen, we find out Rylan knows about her and has feelings for her, then we find out the Prince isn't who he seems to be and he too has feelings for her. What will she do you ask me? HA I shall not tell you I say!! You will have to read this book for yourselves and let me tell you I am already hoping there is a next book soon to appease my hunger for it!  I received this book from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion. I am rating this book at four stars!!!!

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