Sunday, May 21, 2017

Detour by Sid Love


Austin Reyes works as a bartender to support his ailing mother in a small town called Eaton. But his life takes a horrible turn when his boss’ son, Caleb, arrives in town and forces himself upon Austin. There is no end to Caleb’s lustful intentions. Austin leaves Eaton and flees to Denver to start a new life when his mother commits suicide after succumbing to depression. There, he meets Dylan Carver.

Dylan is out and proud. He’s also a well-known actor in the porn industry. When haters damage his car, Austin, now homeless and destitute, is injured and Dylan helps him. In the immediate aftermath, Dylan develops more than a passing interest for Austin, and, though they part ways, chance meetings never stop.

Austin lets Dylan in on the secret about his past, but soon realizes that the man who looked so happy on the outside, has his own baggage. Unbeknownst to them, someone is plotting to get Austin killed.

Even while surrounded by danger, Austin and Dylan’s relationship takes a detour that was always meant to be. Will this detour be Dylan’s undoing? Will Austin finally come to terms with his mother’s suicide and follow his own truth? Or will their lives implode?

Trigger Warning: Content includes a rape scene.

My Review
*** I received an ARC of the book from the author for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own and no compensation has been given. ***

I feel like the description of the book reveals a bit too much!   But once you move past that , the overall plot of the book is pretty good. Lots of twists 

I feel like Austin, while emotionally challenged, is very judgemental. He does have a horrible boss and I feel so badly for him. The things he goes through...Then comes Dylan...he fights his attraction every step of the way lol.  Once he realizes he does have feelings though he's scared. Poor kid. He needs to stand up for himself more too. I really enjoyed the little side secret feelings a certain someone has for another secret someone will see what I mean. 

Its definitely an interesting book with some good and likeable characters. I'd for sure read more by this author. 

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