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Betrayal (Sea Assassins Trilogy: Book 1) by Danielle Hardgrave

Title: Betrayal
Series: Sea Assassins Trilogy Book 1
Author: Danielle Hardgrave
Published: January 20, 2017


On a calm November evening, a ship disappears off the coast of Washington without a trace... 

When Darcy Davies finds a handsome man washed up on the beach, he’s three things: injured, naked, and rude. And he’s got a few demands. Somewhere safe. No hospital. 

Tell no one. 

While Darcy takes him in, she’s no fool. She knows he was involved in whatever happened at sea that night. But is he a victim or a villain? One thing’s for certain—even if he’s not a danger to her person, this sexy stranger is a danger to her heart.

Gabriel Barnes can’t tell which is more of a pain in his side—the curvy brunette who plucked him off the beach, or the literal pain in his side. 

Gabriel's secret will be hard to keep in such close quarters, especially with injuries that are healing much too fast. But he's got bigger problems. 

It wasn't an accident that brought him here. 

It was a betrayal.

My Review

Great story! I've only read a book with a shark shifter once I think and always wondered why there weren't more. I'm happy to say this was a good one. I do wish there was more of him in the water...maybe showing Darcy his full beautiful form, but overall the plot was a good one. What is Nate's problem anyway??? I am sitting here trying to think of what all I can say without really giving anything away.  I've always enjoyed books with more backstory, so I do wish there had been more in the way of telling us about this sorta bad guy and why he is doing what he is doing, but also more about Gabe and his story, but I can see there will be more about it in the next installment, and I for one am more than ready for that. I am also wondering about Darcy's sister.... I won't say more than that, but the ending really did leave me with a LOT of questions that I am ready to have answered...One question I am most certainly ready to know is when and why did Darcy tell her about who and what Gabe is.....!!!! Ok that is the end of my rambling.  I'm ready for the next book! 


About the Author

Danielle Hardgrave can find romance anywhere. While obtaining her History degree, she spent more time than she'd care to admit speculating on the love lives of famous historical tyrants. 

She was born and raised in Victoria, BC, a small coastal city on a small island in the giant country of Canada. She spends most of her time writing, reading, or getting into trouble with her roommate. 

Caldwell Publishing is the result of two sets of talent and one dream. It combines the writing of Danielle Hardgrave with the design expertise of Olivia Conway. The result? Sizzling tales of romance to help you slip away from reality—if only for a little while. 


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